• The Blur platform provides real-time prices for the NFTs listed on the platform.
  • Blur has the highest marketplace growth data, which makes it the fastest-growing market place. 

BLUR is the native governance token of the Blur platform, it is a unique non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and aggregator. The Blur platform provides real-time prices for the NFTs listed on the platform. 

The platform contains fascinating features that grab the attention of traders, like the fact that it gives portfolio management facilities to its users and for better understanding, it provides users with a comparison chart between different NFT platforms.

It charges 0% marketplace fees from listed NFTs, because of which it has a user base of more than 1.46k. Blur has distributed 360 million BLUR tokens in season 1 and season 2 is underway. 

The current market price of the Blur token is $0.3516 and its market capitalization is around $255 million. The total supply of BLUR tokens is 3 billion, out of which, circulating supply is 725 million, according to coin marketcap.

Why Blur Platform?

Blur allows users to sweep across multiple platforms with just one click. This feature is useful for those individuals who list their NFTs at different marketplaces. 

The sniping feature of the Blur platform refers to the purchase of rare NFTs that are underpriced in the secondary market. Usually this happens due to a lack of information at the buyer’s end about the rarity of the NFTs.

With the sniping feature, buyers can take advantage of the transaction more quickly and input a higher gas fee to get the potential underpriced NFTs. Other than this, Blur claims that it can deduct pending transactions in 0.4 seconds and list them in 4 seconds.

How Blur Platform is Secured and its Founder

Blur platform operates on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token, which is secured through proof-of-stake, which is the Ethereum blockchain’s consensus mechanism. 

The creator and developer of the Blur platform operate as pseudonymous entities. Pacman is one of the co-founders, he is an MIT graduate and a member of the Peter Thiel Fellowship. The director of the Blur Foundation is Zeneca of Zenacadmey. 

Blur Tokenomics and Where to Buy Blur Token

Over the years, the Blur platform has airdropped 3 billion BLUR tokens. The project tokenomics has allocated 51% to the community, 29% to its core contributors, 19% to investors and the remaining 1% to its advisors.            

Being a prominent player in the crypto market, BLUR is present at all major exchanges like Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken, Uniswap, OKX, Huobi and more. 

Blur Marketplace Growth

Through its airdrop and incentive system for users, the Blur platform has seen massive growth in its trading volume. Since its launch, Blur has dominated all NFT market places in trading volume. 

Last year, Blur was recording daily sales of $21.26 Million according to a blockchain analytical firm, Dune. According to the statistics, blur has the highest marketplace growth data, which makes it the fastest growing market in the crypto industry. Amid the decline in the NFT market over the last couple of years, the Blur platform has seen positive growth in its trading volume.  


Blur is a rapidly growing NFT marketplace and aggregator, offering real-time prices and portfolio management for NFT traders. Its native governance token, BLUR, drives the platform’s ecosystem and is secured through Ethereum’s proof-of-stake mechanism. With its unique features like sniping and fast transaction processing, Blur has gained popularity and widespread adoption, making it a prominent player in the NFT market.

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