Exploring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like NFT promotion could in the past seem like a game for those with a high IQ, but it’s not. Find out what’s involved and where to start.

Crypto igaming seems like an impossibly competitive esport that only the smartest players are able to master — but it doesn’t have to be! Today we explore crypto igaming from its beginnings through how you can start becoming one of your own.

1. When did crypto igaming start and where?

Decentralized gambling first emerged in 2009 and has since snowballed into an international phenomenon. It’s a technology that evolves depending on which cryptocurrency is dominant at the time, changing from one stablecoin to another.

For example, when Bitcoin was by far the most popular cryptocurrency a few years ago, people played with Bitcoin Dice. As Ethereum took its place as the go-to option in cryptocurrency investments, people turned their attention to many Ethereum based games — like Cryptokitties . However, when Bitcoin Cash came along as a new and powerful kind of coin , it picked up some supporters very quickly.

Over time, all of the top cryptocurrencies have been adopted at one point or another, and now with many stablecoin options available such as Tether , if you can’t find a game that’s suited for you, there’s a good chance someone else has already thought of it!

2. Who are the early adopters of crypto igaming?

Like any new technology initially, players in crypto igaming are those who are willing to try something that’s new — and which they believe might be successful. In the early days of Bitcoin Dice, Bitcoin players were kings — around 50% of all bets at the time were made on their coins. Today, however, it’s still possible to find competitive bitcoin dice games online — but they are few and far between.

Many players today are more curious than competitive, playing with a more exploratory mindset. Sometimes this can be a bit of a gamble because if there’s no one around you who knows how the games are played then the experience might not be all that great!

For those who prefer to play with a winning mindset, there are still plenty of options for them out there — even if crypto igaming has gone mainstream in recent years! However, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s easy or obvious for people to get into. Find here.

3. How can you start playing crypto igaming?

To get started with crypto igaming, the first thing you will need to do is buy some cryptocurrency. Then you can either choose a game that supports that coin directly, or use an exchange to convert your funds into another cryptocurrency of your choosing.

Once you have your chosen currency in hand, finding online casino games is as easy as opening up a browser and looking for one! Most companies and developers who create cryptocurrency games have their own dedicated websites but there’s also plenty of other places to visit too — just make sure the game you are choosing is safe and legal. We even provide a list of useful resources here.

4. What’s the best kind of crypto igaming?

For many players, the best kind of online casino game online will be one that is simple, easy to learn and also rewarding. This is because it’s hard to learn how to play complex games and get started with them if you do not have someone who can teach you.

However, it’s also important to note that there are no one-size-fits-all kinds of games. For some people, playing a slot machine is the type of game they like — for others it may be more a matter of playing dice or even poker for blogger outreach!

The most important thing when making your choice is finding a game which appeals to you. If you enjoy the theme, the design and the style of a game — even if the gameplay is more complicated than something you might try to play for fun — then it will be more likely to become your favourite.

5. What are the most popular crypto igaming games?

A constantly expanding number of online cryptocurrency games exist online right now for token marketing but some of the most popular include:

·          Dice : Dice games are perhaps the simplest form of cryptocurrency game there is. They were one of the first forms of cryptocurrency gambling to appear online and they are still incredibly popular today.

·          Jackpot : Some jackspot games are also simple, but they also have a lot of offshoots which can be incredibly complex. This is because some jackpot games can be as much of a game of chance as they are a game with skill — turning them into competitions between human players!

·          Exchanges : These online crypto igaming platforms exchange currency so that people can get in on the action. It’s worth noting that different exchanges can have different rules, jumping requirements and fees attached to them.

·          Single games : These kinds of games can be simpler and less complicated than anything else. For example, there are many online Bitcoin dice games as well as Bitcoin jackpots — but there are also many that are much simpler ones based just on a piece of card against a game board.

·          Multi-player games : If you decide you do want to play with others then it’s worth knowing that there’s no shortage of multi-player games available online today. Some add extra strategies to the mix, some can be more complicated than others and some are even based on the board game ‘Chess’.

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