• AI tools which you can use as a passive source of earning.
  • We have compiled the market’s top 5 AI tools which will earn for you.

AI is a thing which cannot be ignored in the current scenario. It is affecting every aspect of our life. There are many AI tools which you can use to supplement your income or even establish a new career. One great person has rightly said that AI will not replace you but the person using AI definitely will. So just become that person, use AI as your servant & watch what wonders it can do. In this article we have compiled a list of top 5 AI tools which you can use to earn online in this digital world.

5 AI tools that will earn for you

AI video editor Synthesia. Youtube is the most visited platform after google and people are earning millions through it. You also have an idea of making a successful and popular youtube channel but don’t know how to edit and create a youtube video then don’t worry Synthesia is here to assist you with the help, you can create a youtube video in seconds what you have to do is follow these 5 steps. Step 1: Choose a video template. Step 2: Select an AI avatar. Step 3: Type your video script. Step 4: Edit video; and Step 5: Generate video. And boom your video is ready to upload.

Boomy. If you are a music person, you eat, drink, think and enjoy music then why not create money by making music? I know you are wondering that i don’t know anything about creating music then how can I create music Don’t worry Boomy is something built just for you with the help of it you can create melodious music just by following these steps. Step 1: Start by tapping “Create” and choose “Song”. Step 2: Choose a style for example, Lo-Fi. Step 3: Choose the category. Step 4: Give it a listen. Step 5: Give it a name and Congrats your music has been created.

Descript.is one tool for your full workflow with the help of it you can do video editing, podcasting, screen recording, transcription, clip creation and AI voices. Here’s how to use Descript. For example, if you want to create a podcast just start recording voice through this software it will automatically edit your voice,like removing background noises and maintaining lows and highs, which only a professional audio editor can do. Not only this for example you want to transcribe your video in another language then also comes in handy. This is how you can use it to earn money online.

Befunky. Ok, now you know how to create videos, record and edit podcasts, and voice but what about making thumbnails and photos for your videos? Yes, you guessed it, Befunky will do the job for you. It can remove backgrounds from your photos, enhance the quality of your image, and what not. If you want to edit a classic photo in seconds, then give it a try.

Chat GPT If you do not belong to the Stone Age Period, then you must be aware of the popular AI tool Chat GPT. Here is a list of things it can do for you: Affiliate marketing, blogging: You have to just command Chat GPT to write a blog on a certain topic, and in within seconds it will write a detailed vlog for you but remember to use it as information not as blog another things are content editing, conduct research, Virtual instructor, and even create a software for you. Hard to believe? Then give it a try.

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