• Monero coin is a popular token that can be used for online betting, providing users privacy and anonymity.
  • Melbet, 22BET, and Betmaster are popular online betting platforms through Monero. 

Bitcoin was the first blockchain technology implementation, providing a decentralized and transparent ledger for recording transactions. However, this electronic cash needed some basic features, like traceable transactions. It was because all the transaction details, wallet addresses, and account balances in the Bitcoin network are public.

To overcome these challenges, a cryptocurrency protocol, Cryptonote, was published in June 2013, focusing on anonymity and privacy. Although it is similar to Bitcoin in terms of being public and a distributed ledger, it differs significantly in obfuscating all the transaction details. The protocol relies on Ring signatures to obscure the details, such as outputs and notes. The platform moved to its new PoW algorithm, RandomX, replacing the former CryptoNightR. 

People have been enjoying betting for years, and with technological advancements, traditional physical betting was replaced by online betting. It allows you to participate in various kinds of betting from any physical location worldwide. Cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, have also become popular in this field, with users using them as tokens to put bets and claim awards. 

While there are several cryptocurrencies out there, Monero has a loyal fan base among its supporters because of its features of increased security and anonymity not found in other blockchains. Hence this token can be used for online betting. Although there are many sports betting websites, let’s look at some popular ones that accept your Monero tokens.

Top Monero Sports Betting Websites

1. 1XBit

Although this website lacks an official license, it has become popular among audiences for its privacy. It allows users to make bets without disclosing their financial information. It has a substantial net holding 83 sports, including football and tennis. The setup and registration are straightforward and provide end-to-end user encryption.  

Users can transact in 28 cryptocurrencies, including the Monero, through its Android and iOS application. Users are also presented with free spins, a wheel of fortunes, and a bonus of 7BTC on first registration. 

2. Melbet

Another popular betting website supports 52 sports, including football e basketball. The users can download the free Android and iOS application which accepts 39 cryptocurrencies, including Monero. However, this app does not promise the best privacy but does well in providing end-to-end privacy to the users. It also offers several welcome bonuses to retain users and get registration benefits. 

3. 22BET

This website competes to gain first place in sport betting websites. Its unique features include a live HD streaming service and quick cash withdrawals. It offers various sports choices, continuous 24*7 customer support, and a live chat feature to enhance its community building. It also accepts several cryptocurrencies, including Monero. However, users may need faster payments, and the website has a reputation for having poor licenses.

4. Betmaster

This app is best for beginners who are just learning about sports betting. It provides a super easy, user-friendly interface with directions to use the app. The application mainly targets Europe, South America, and Africa. It offers ten sports and can be used through its Android and iOS applications. The platform allows betting with the Monero Coin.

Final Thoughts

The online betting field is getting tremendous responses from users and has evolved to accept cryptocurrencies, furthering the existing use cases. Some other popular websites which support Monero coin are Coinplay and 1XBet. 




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