1. It is the most famous blockchain platform in the world.
  2. What do these firms do?
  3. As a tech. Learner: Why is it important to know?

The technology of blockchains in the world is rapidly increasing day by day. Companies are investing in this type of technology because these types provide comfort and chaos to the user. It will also help to increase the credibility of transactions with the help of block-changing criteria. 

Some of the most famous platforms used for blockchain technology and their work-

  1. Tezos-  Tezos use a digital token known as tez, or tezie, and do governance work based on economic stakes. It uses a proof of stake mechanism to validate blockchain transactions. It is a mechanism to choose network participants for verifying new data. Tezos was discovered by Arthur Breitman, who is a native of France and worked as a former engineer at Google X and Waymo. Tezos proved the most successful and best ICO to date.
  1. BSV Blockchain-  It has created a solid platform that works towards servicing the government’s data processing and storage needs. It allows the user to make safe and smooth transactions as fake transactions and robberies on online transactions increase. BSV takes lower fees as compared to other platforms.
  1. Hyperledger sawtooth– Enterprises mainly use it to create distributed ledger applications. A distributed ledger is a database used by multiple users in different institutions through different sites. It supports a variety of consensus algorithms, including PBFT and POET. Hyperledger sawtooth simplifies the application system and hence keeps it safe and secure.
  1. IBM Blockchain- It is a private blockchain network that involves less risk. In recent news, IBM blockchain experts possessed several risk factors on chat get. It includes myriad risks for enterprises.
  1. EOSIO- It is a type of blockchain-based on the cryptocurrency EOS. One of the specialties is eliminating transaction fees and performing millions of transactions in a second. The private company Black. One developed it as an open-source software on June 1, 2018. It is registered in the Cayman Islands. They raised over 4 billion by offering EOS tokens to the public in June 2017. It is used by many businesses to increase their credibility of operations. Using EOSIO, firms and companies can achieve their goals with clarity and focus.

These are some examples of top-rated blockchains in the world. As a technology-interested person, one can gain knowledge of stocks and current affairs. As technology is evolving, humans also have to develop. We are indeed in the hi-tech world, and knowledge is power. Blockchains provide smooth transactions. They facilitate humans to verify and audit the transactions to secure the money. Security here is very high, which eliminates hackers and fraud.

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