• DAO summoning is nothing but a call  to the community to create a DAO
  • The word ‘summon’ is used to denote the urgency of the work.

DAO summoning is the process of calling the community of the WEB 3 enthusiasts and community members to come together and form a brand new organisation that adds value to the decentralised world.  DAO summoning is a concept that was first used in the year 2019  by Ameen Soleimaniwhen he created Moloch DAO. This term is used to denote the formation of a new Moloch DAO.

What is Moloch DAO?

Moloch DAO is essentially a DAO framework, but there are some differences between a normal DAO organisation and a Moloch DAO. For instance, Moloch DAOsare relatively simple as they consist of a single smart contract. Some primary features of the Moloch DAO Framework include:

  1. These DAO organisations do not have a direct entry gate like others. To become a permanent member, you first need to obtain permission from the existing members of the DAO community.
  1. Another difference in Moloch DAO is the variation in the weightage of each vote within these organisations. Not all votes carry the same weight. For example, the value of a vote from  top developers may  differ from that of newcomers to the organisation.. 

Meaning of the word ‘summoning’

The real meaning of the word ‘summoning’ is to call someone to appear at a specific place and time. This word is most commonly used by the court when a defendant is called to attend the further court proceedings . However, in DAO summoning, this word is used to invite members of the crypto community to form a new organisation. The word ‘summoning’ denotes the urgency of the work, as it is used for very urgent and important works.

This highlights the significance of the community in forming a DAO. Any decentralised organisation cannot exist without the community, as it is not only the support but also the maintenance provided by the community that sustains a DAO organisation.. 

DAO summoning has other uses as wel. For example, an already established organisation can also use this word, but  its meaning will differ because an established organisation already has a preformed strong community. In this context,DAO summoning is used to assemble the community when it is important. 

Steps Involved in DAO Summoning

First Step

The first step involves defining the goal of the new DAO organisation to help  users decide whether they want to become a part of the community or not.

Second Step

The second step involves designing the entire structure of the DAO including the governance structure, voting mechanism and the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders.

Third Step

This step involves developing the smart contracts that will be used to govern the operation of the organisation.

Fourth Step

Ensuring the security and reliability of the smart contracts used in the organisation is also crucial. Therefore, this step focuses on this process.

Fifth Step

The fifth step involves deploying the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, which is essential for creating a decentralised organisation.

Sixth Step

The final step involves launching the DAO and inviting new members to join. 

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