Ankr is a blockchain-based platform that aims to make the adoption of Web3 easier by providing a faster, more reliable infrastructure. Founded in 2017 by Chandler Song, Ryan Fang, and Stanley Wu. The platform provides a platform for users to deploy their nodes and help them to stake tokens on various blockchains. Its native cryptocurrency, called ANKR token, serves as a payment method across the Ankr platform.

Ankr was first launched as a Cloud Computing Network. Its main idea was to harness the cloud computing power left idle in data centers worldwide. However, it has emerged as the node infrastructure provider in Web3 infrastructure. The main thing about the nodes is that everything in Web3 relies on nodes. And, it requires a huge amount of resources to launch a single node. And, here comes into the picture, Ankr. It  simplifies the process for launching nodes across dozens of blockchains.

How Ankr Works?

  • It allows individuals or developers to launch the full node or a validator node across dozens of blockchains. It  also acts as a watchdog for the performance of the node. 
  • It has its Application Programming Interface(API) for deploying decentralized Applications(dApps). Its API solutions accelerate the timelines for implementing dApps.
  • It also provides individuals with the feature of liquidity staking. It is a non-custodial platform which allows users to keep their assets in the wallet, without locking up their funds in different platforms.

Ankr’s Offerings:

  • Ankr App Chains – It provides Web3 startups, existing Web3 dApps, and Web2 organizations and games coming to Web3 everything they need to build an app chain.
  • Ankr’s gaming SDK – With its gaming SDK, developers can easily support Web3 wallets for in-game transactions. It also integrates NFT capabilities like minting, renting, and trading.
  • It is also working on educational content to educate people about Web3 stuff. It will also introduce the community to its Web3 products and tell them about the importance of decentralized infrastructure.

Ankr Token

It is the native token of the Ankr. It is based on the ERC-20 token standard and is used as a payment method in the ecosystem of Ankr. The token also provides voting rights to users in the decisions of Ankr. Ankr wanted to make a whole ecosystem of decentralized infrastructure, and to fuel that infrastructure; it needed its token, ANKR. The fixed total supply of the token is 10 Billion native tokens. Currently, its circulating supply is also 10 Billion native tokens meaning its total supply has unlocked.


As Web3 popularity increases among netizens, the Web3 service provider will also increase. Ankr is the leading blockchain-based infrastructure provider and constantly working on its advancements. In the future, we can see more dApps operating on the Ankr. It will also collaborate with global partners to make its significant place in Defi.

Furthermore, this type of infrastructure helps the users to validate and launch the node on various blockchains. As Web3 increases, we will see more service providers coming to make a competitive edge on the Web3 infrastructure. 

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