• As per the SafePal Price Prediction, the price of the SafePal coin is trading at $0.4588 and the SafePalcoin price increased by 2.16% in the last 24 hours.
  • The market capitalization of the SafePal coin is $169.63 Million.

As per the SafePal Price Prediction, the SafePal coin was in an uptrend from June 17th. SafePal coin took support from the trendline at $0.3538 in the daily time frame and then reached $0.5332 on June 21st, 2023. From $0.5332, the SafePal coin faced rejection and it fell and tried to sustain its price.  It seems that the SafePal coin price sustained here and might have accumulated buyers. Now SafePal coin price might shoot upwards from the current price of $0.4588 soon.

It can also be seen that the price effectively follows both trendlines. Meanwhile, the SafePal coin price surged around 11.75% last month. The SafePal coin price surged by 15.78% in the last six months. Moreover, SafePal coin’s year-to-date return is positive with an increase of 15.45%.

On the day of publishing, the SafePal coin price is at $0.4569. It might reach $0.5332 soon.

SafePal Price Prediction In 1-D Timeframe

SafePal Price Prediction: Will SFP Reach $0.5378 Soon?

Source:  IOTX/ USD.1D.COINBASE by TradingView

On the day of publishing, the price is going upward on the 1D chart. The SafePal coin price is above the 50 and 200 EMA (exponential moving average), which is supporting the trend upwards. Investors’ sentiments regarding the SafePalcoin are positive and bullish

The MACD line crossing above zero is a bullish signal indicating upward momentum and a likely price increase. When the MACD line crosses above the zero line, it is an indication that the current momentum is positive and that the price may increase.

The Stochastic is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed movements and change of price movements. RSI is a popular tool used in trading to chart the strength or weaknesses of a stock or market. When both indicators are in agreement, it provides a strong signal that the trend will continue in the same direction.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) showcases the uptrend momentum of the SafePal coin. RSI was at 58.07 above the median line which highlights that SafePal coin is further in an upward direction and Stochastic is also in the positive zone.

The technical parameters of the SFP price suggest the continuation of the downtrend over the daily time frame chart. The SFP price reflects a pessimistic view at the moment. Major legitimate indicators MACD, RSI, S.RSI, and EMA, flaunt negative signals about the SafePal coin price. 

The amount of SafePal coin price rose by 1.81%.  The SFP coin traded in a day is $4,172,689. As observed from the volume graph, the trading activity is good in SafePal coin, and the price is sustained above the demand zone seen on the chart. Therefore, SafePal coin price can push the price upwards as the sentiments are positive.


The SafePal price prediction analogy suggests that the sentiments and perspectives of investors and traders regarding the SafePal coin price are bullish in the 1D timeframe. The SafePal coin price reflects an optimistic view at the moment. The technical parameters for the SafePalcoin price indicate bullish pressure.

Technical Levels:

  • The Nearest Support level is $0.3800.
  • The Nearest Resistance level is $0.5332.


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