• We have compiled the top 10 NFT marketplaces.
  • The criteria we have used are Popularity, No. of blockchains supported, and No. of NFTs listed

NFTs are the second most popular Web 3 applications after cryptocurrency. They are being sold for as much as $91.8M(Merge NFT). NFT sales even peaked at 881 million US dollars, and with the rise of the NFT Market, there is another thing that is growing parallelly with NFTs, The NFT marketplace. In this article, we have listed the top 10 NFT marketplaces. Which you must check before buying your Next NFT.

Top 10 NFT Market Place

  1. OpenSea

OpenSea is the largest NFT trading platform. It has a user base of astonishing 2.4 million active users. OpenSea not only allows you to trade NFTs but it also provides you the vast options such as. Buying, Selling, and Creating a NFT.

  1. SuperRare

SuperRare provides you with a limited but finest quality of NFTs with a collection of 38,000 NFTs. It was earlier started as a centralized platform but eventually ended as a decentralized autonomous organization(DAO). Artists have already earned $180m by selling NFTs on this platform.

  1. Rarible 

It is a marketplace that supports a wide range of NFTs like Ethereum,Flow, TezEthereum, Flow, Tezos, Polygonos, and Polygon. Like other NFT marketplaces it also provides the ability to Buy, Sell and mint the NFTs. And not only this It also supports 20 different wallets. Because of which variety of users can use it.

  1. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway supports the Art NFTs. It applies a listing fees of 2.5%. The blockchain it supports is Ethereum. It also provides the ability to Buy, Sell and Mint the NFTs. The special thing about this marketplace is it supports a variety of payment methods such as Credit and debit card, EtherCredit, and Gemini account.

  1.  Mintable NFT Marketplace

This is the NFT marketplace that supports almost all kinds of NFTs. Like Digital arts, music, videos, collectibles, in-game items and metaverse NFTs. The gas fees it applies on regular NFTs is 2.5%.

  1. Foundation

Foundation is also one of the top NFTs marketplace with a trading volume of over $79 million. You just need to connect your wallet to the foundation website and you can place bids on the auctions just like regular auction sites.

  1. Binance NFT

This NFT marketplace is owned and operated by the top crypto exchange company Binance. The special part about Binance NFT is it allows you to trade on the Binance Smart chain network. It includes the NFTs related to gaming, art, sports and more.

  1. Coinbase 

Coinbase is already a popular crypto trading site. Many people use a Coin base for crypto exchange. Coinbase provides an enhanced ecosystem for investors who want to invest in both crypto as well as NFT. Users can purchase or create NFTs directly from their coinbase wallet.

  1. Solanart

You will need a solana wallet such as Phantom or Solfare and boom you are good to trade NFTs on the solanart platform.

  1.  MakersPlace

The last but not least NFT market place we have listed for you is Makers Place. It offers payment method such as Ethereum and Credit card. While it applies a gas fees of 15% on every sale.

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